Clark Health Communications | About Us

About Us

We’re an independent, award-winning team of communications strategists – with experience across pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, health technology, health start-ups, global health and patient advocacy.

Clark Health Communications was founded in 2012 by Jeremy Clark, motivated by the belief that communications is at the heart of addressing many of the key questions and challenges in fighting disease and keeping people well.

While the shape, size and structure of our team has evolved over the last ten years, this fundamental belief has remained core to our purpose.

Improving health through communications is all about making the right connections between our health, the way we live our lives and the people and professionals that can support, counsel and treat us. And that's what makes us stand out, the ability to connect the dots between unmet clinical need and commercial ambition for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Connecting with our clients

The best agency partner understands their client’s world and brings an extra dimension to their thinking. Whether it’s helping clients find simplicity in their strategy or creativity in their communications, we bring diversity of thought and expertise to our clients’ teams to connect the dots between health and life.

Connecting with the right audiences

We know how to connect the dots between unmet need and commercial ambition to deliver positive outcomes for all stakeholders. By listening and learning from patients, carers and healthcare professionals, we identify how to achieve change and solve real-world problems to improve healthcare.

Connecting without limits

We are defined by our imagination, not the size of our team, and our independence gives us freedom to collaborate. For us, work is about finding new ways of bringing healthcare to life and we use our curiosity and a drive for excellence to inspire innovation.

Connecting the health of our team with the health of our business

We know that the health of our team drives the health of our business. By understanding this connection, it means we put the health of our team at the heart of our business, so we are all at full strength to deliver our best work for clients.

Connecting as a team

Bringing healthcare to life requires us to bring our life to healthcare. This means creating a culture where everyone is supported, valued and respected. That’s why our team is encouraged to celebrate their unique contributions so that, together, we can produce inspiring work for our clients.