What we say

Building Collaboration. Inspiring Confidence. Delivering Change.

Jeremy Clark

September 5, 2016

This year marks five years since CHC’s inception – presenting us with the great opportunity to look back on our remarkable growth as an agency. From our humble beginnings as a small group of consultants working from our homes or coffee shops in 2011, we have continued to build our client base and hire talented people, necessitating not one, but two office moves over the past 12 months. A lot of our growth has come from client recommendations, and for the second year running we were delighted to see in our recent client survey that all of our client contacts would recommend us to a colleague.

This tells us we must be doing something right.

As tempting as it is for us to simply celebrate this news, we knew it was important for us to identify exactly what has contributed to our success so far, so we can ensure that the next five years are just as successful. And who better to ask than the people who work with us or as part of the CHC team?

We carried out a structured research and development process that included client research, internal team questionnaires, workshops, competitor analysis and creative development. The answers that we gained would help us to develop an up-to-date company positioning that accurately reflect what it’s like to work with, and at, CHC.

  • We asked clients about the benefits of working with CHC. The benefit that came through most clearly was about how effectively we worked with each other as a team, and how seamlessly we build collaboration with them as clients. They also highlighted how exceptionally well we engage with healthcare professionals and patients, instinctively knowing how to build these collaborations, and how this leads to better quality outputs.
  • We also asked about the way we made clients feel. We were delighted that the clearest piece of feedback was that we inspire confidence. Clients fed back that they felt confident in the advice we give, the service we provide and the work we deliver. And they told us this really set us apart from many of our competitors.
  • Finally, we were praised on our enthusiasm and aspiration for delivering change, which we have employed as the defining mission of our team. We have always said that communication lies at the heart of fighting disease and keeping people well. We are committed to using the full range of communications to deliver change, both for our clients’ business and for healthcare professionals and patients around the world.

Advice you can trust and a service that delivers.

We know from our daily work with clients and from their feedback that, as well as innovative communications solutions focused on their business needs, they want a great experience from working with an agency. They want a great collaboration, with advice and service they can trust and rely on and that ultimately delivers.  This is what we do at CHC.  Our new positioning helps us to capture and communicate that, and will drive and shape our future growth and development – for the next five years, and beyond!