Securing front page coverage for a NICE recommendation and SMC approval

The brief

Our client asked us to secure widespread media coverage around a NICE recommendation and SMC approval for their product in alcohol dependence. They specifically wanted to achieve front page coverage while managing the tone and strengthen relationships with the media and external spokespeople.

The magic

Clark Health Communications developed compelling messaging and a clear approach which was refined with input from a media advisory board. Media materials were developed and collaboration with regulatory bodies was conducted to ensure coordination of media engagement activities. Briefings were held with influential spokespeople and top-tier media outlets. Intensive media outreach resulted in news and long-lead feature opportunities being secured. To maximise media coverage opportunities in Scotland, specific regional outlets were targeted with appropriate and local case studies studies/spokespeople in place.

The impact

NICE recommendation

  • Over 1,000 separate items of editorial coverage across all traditional media – front page in Daily Mirror and The Daily Telegraph.
  • Lead broadcast story on TV and radio from early morning to 10pm news.
  • Total reach of more than 126,000,000 with 98% of articles took a positive/neutral tone.
  • 333 Twitter comments and 82 Facebook posts mentioning the announcement.


SMC approval

  • Media coverage achieved in 66+ media outlets with an estimated total reach of >240 million.
  • In Scotland, alcohol dependency dominated coverage compared to the other topics included in the same SMC announcement.
  • Strengthened relationships with media and external spokespeople.