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Delivering Change™: Mixing Business With Measure

Emily Mayne

November 19, 2019

Welcome to our brand new website! It has been designed to make sure our Delivering Change™ planning model is front and centre as it’s at the heart of all our work and is what sets us apart from other agencies.

To mark the launch of our new website, we’d like to reflect on Delivering Change and how the design and implementation of pragmatic measurement to demonstrate business results is central to the model.

So how do we go about measuring change?

In order to effectively measure change, careful planning from the outset is essential and measurement should be defined during the planning process to assess impact and success.

When defining the approach, the selected ‘Domains of Change’ and ‘Change Library’ (find out more here) can be used as a starting point and data from research can be used as a ‘benchmark’ for measurement outcomes.

When defining measures, we look specifically at three categories: outputs, outcomes, and outtakes.

Outputs are the simplest elements to measure as they are the direct result of the activities conducted e.g. distribution of a press release to a certain number of journalists.

Outcomes are the gold standard for measuring whether a desired behavioural change has been delivered from a project and can be more complex and costly to measure accurately. Outcomes relate back to the ‘Domains of Change’ e.g. a change in the perceived value of a therapy or awareness of a condition.

Outtakes are pragmatic surrogate measures which can be linked to outcomes as indirect measures e.g. sentiment of comments in response to a social media post.

The volume of measures defined reduces when moving from outputs through to outcomes.

We work with our clients from the outset to develop a comprehensive measurement framework with specific KPIs so that we know at a high level that we have delivered the right change. We take a flexible approach adjusting plans as necessary to match suitable channels and timings for measurement.

Want to find out more?

To discuss how the Delivering Change™ model could help you and your brand please contact us at hello@clarkhealthcomms.com or call 020 7492 1900. CHC’s Delivering Change™ model provides a robust strategic framework, builds in sources of inspiration from a growing Library of Change to drive unexpected creative approaches and embeds pragmatic measurement and evaluation. The process facilitates discussion and prioritisation of the full range of communications approaches encompassing medical education, scientific and value communications, public relations and advocacy and provides a basis for CHC’s strategic, creative, implementation and measurement services.