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How we’re building our Library of Change

Clark Admin

November 1, 2018

Over the past couple of months we have been sharing some insights into our Delivering ChangeTM planning model. In the final blog of this series we delve into our ‘Library of Change’.

What is it?

Our Library of Change serves as a source of inspiration. By tracking and collecting examples of change, as well as the methods that have been used to deliver, measure and evaluate these changes, we have a source of evidence that is designed to help us plan for and implement change. More specifically, the types of change we search for align with the nine ‘domains’ of change outlined in our survey, ensuring our library is tailored to desirable changes within our industry.

Our sources of inspiration reach far and wide, including examples from outside of medicine, science, and communications.

How does it work?

Using an example from the British Heart Foundation, their instructional video ‘Hard and Fast’ aimed to teach the skills required to perform hands-only CPR in the event of a heart attack by using the tune (♪ Ah-ah-ah-ah stayin’ alive ♪) and celebrity ‘tough man’ Vinnie Jones.

This saw great success by breaking down the barrier of the public’s perception that CPR is too complicated for them to perform and teaching them the skills to perform the task. An impressive amount of coverage resulted from this campaign, but what’s most inspiring for us to capture in our library is how this change was measured. By watching the video, over 2 million people have been taught this potentially life-saving skill, reportedly 38 lives have been saved, and the video has even been used by the NHS to help train others in hands-only CPR.

Nudge theory is another well-known tool that has inspired CHC’s Library of Change as an excellent example of achieving measurable changes. Through small adaptations in existing messaging, be it a change to wording on a driver’s license registration website which resulted in 100,000 more organ-donors, to an electronic health record intervention which prompted healthcare professionals to consider the way in which they prescribe antibiotics, and in return, reduce rates of prescriptions, the application of this behavioral psychology technique has many potential outlets in communications.

Ultimately, we are searching for changes like this that make you stop and take notice. We add these into our library where, once applied to our planning model, they can spark new directions whilst adding value and innovative creative approaches to what we do.

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CHC’s Delivering ChangeTM model provides a robust strategic framework, builds in sources of inspiration from a growing Library of Change to drive unexpected creative approaches and embeds pragmatic measurement and evaluation.  The process facilitates discussion and prioritisation of the full range of communications approaches encompassing medical education, scientific and value communications, public relations and advocacy and provides a basis for CHC’s strategic, creative, implementation and measurement services.