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We have launched our new planning model for Delivering Change

Clark Admin

August 1, 2018

Those of you who are familiar with CHC might recognise our core values of Building Collaboration, Inspiring Confidence and Delivering Change. After over a year’s worth of valuable qualitative and quantitative research into the ever-evolving needs of those working in pharmaceutical marketing, medical and communications functions, we are thrilled to be launching our new Delivering ChangeTM planning model.

The model provides a robust strategic planning framework and has its roots in ‘Theories of Change’; powerful tools used by businesses, government and Non-Governmental Organisations to define and plan for specific change. However, CHC’s Delivering ChangeTM goes one step further and also seeks external sources of inspiration from a growing ‘Library of Change’, which drives unexpected creative approaches.


“The research validated that ’Theories of Change’ were relevant to our industry, and that those in marketing, medical and communications functions would welcome a process to help identify and prioritise the type of change needed, whilst also embedding pragmatic measurement and evaluation to demonstrate business results,” said CHC Managing Director, Jeremy Clark. “We have always been driven by our goal of delivering real, measurable change, and I’m delighted we now have our new Delivering ChangeTM model to use with current and future clients so that we can continue to meet our ambition.”


The Delivering ChangeTM model facilitates discussion and prioritisation of the full range of communications approaches encompassing medical education, scientific and value communications, public relations and advocacy, and provides a basis for CHC’s strategic, creative, implementation and measurement services. The model can be worked through in different formats, but ultimately, is intended to form the basis of an interactive workshop with clients.


“Early feedback from pilots has been really positive and a test drive in a live pitch situation resulted in a successful win. The process is already prompting us to think differently, arrive at more creative ideas and challenge ourselves to ensure measurement is appropriately implemented from the start,” said Jeremy Clark.


We’ll be posting blogs about the research carried out that informed the model in the coming weeks. Clients wishing to discuss how Delivering ChangeTM may help planning communications for their brand should contact CHC on hello@clarkhealthcomms.com.