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What 2016 means to us at CHC

Deborah Corcoran

January 16, 2017

2016 was an eventful, often surprising year and is likely to be associated with a pervading feeling of gloom. A common response to the question ‘What will you remember 2016 for?’ is ‘the number of dead celebrities’.
Which isn’t surprising. Although a crude measure, 2016 did see the largest number of famous people die when BBC use of pre-prepared obituaries is compared with 2015 (a 50% increase).

But, 2016 also gave us incredibly positive news; Team GB had its most successful overseas Olympics ever winning 67 medals, Sri Lanka was declared as malaria free 5 years after setting out to eradicate the disease and 4 new elements were named and confirmed as part of the periodic table.

At CHC, we look back proudly at our 2016 with some great campaigns executed for clients, promotions and growth. And the discovery that our Head of Finance should actually be on Bake Off.


Take a look at our infographic to see our last 12 months in numbers.