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What kind of change are WE talking about?

Clark Admin

October 3, 2018

In this third blog in our series about Delivering Change we provide a brief overview of what CHC means when we talk about change.


‘Change’ has become a buzzword in our industry but more often than not, this ‘change’ only ever relates to behaviour change – changing the prescribing habits of healthcare professionals or changing people’s engagement in their own health. At CHC, we wanted to take this one step further and be more specific about ‘change’.

We conducted a survey, including a question that asked people in marketing, medical, communications and procurement functions in pharma and healthcare what types of change they were seeking to deliver in their communication and education work.


These results uncovered that there are nine different types, or ‘domains’ of change that, to a greater or lesser extent, are relevant and desirable changes in healthcare communications. No respondents identified any other types of change, suggesting that this is a comprehensive list.

Importantly and unlike a blanket approach, our research allowed us to develop our Delivering ChangeTM planning model to not only uncover more specific domains of change, but also to ensure that it was specific to healthcare communications and the needs of the health and pharmaceutical industry.

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CHC’s Delivering ChangeTM model provides a robust strategic framework, builds in sources of inspiration from a growing Library of Change to drive unexpected creative approaches and embeds pragmatic measurement and evaluation.  The process facilitates discussion and prioritisation of the full range of communications approaches encompassing medical education, scientific and value communications, public relations and advocacy and provides a basis for CHC’s strategic, creative, implementation and measurement services.