What We Do

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We work with clients and stakeholders to develop engaging programmes to meet educational and communications needs. We go beyond the idea – we Deliver Change™.

We are motivated by the belief that communications is at the heart of addressing many of the key questions and challenges in fighting disease and keeping people well.

Building Collaboration

We collaborate in a unique way – with each other, our clients and health experts, advocates and the media.

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Inspiring Confidence

We inspire confidence – with our advice, our service and the work we deliver.

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Delivering Change™

We are committed to delivering change – within our clients’ business and for healthcare professionals and patients on a local and global basis.

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Track & Measure

We deliver a programme tailored to your needs; from strategy to creative delivery and measurement of results. Our services include:

  • Strategic counsel
  • Message development
  • Medical education and advocacy
  • Media and stakeholder relations
  • Patient engagement
  • Speaker training
  • Scientific writing
  • Complete range of content creation
  • Meeting facilitation and event management
  • Digital strategy and innovation
  • Social media engagement
  • Internal communications
  • Issues management

We have over 10 years’ communications experience working in many rare diseases.
Click here to find out more about our knowledge and skills to help you navigate this highly specialised field (pdf).

We work with trusted partners and agencies to deliver results across all spectrums of communications to ensure you have the specialist expertise and knowledge you need for your unique project:

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