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Siân Hurst promoted to Managing Director of Clark Health Communications

LONDON, 10 May 2021 – After a year of growth, Siân Hurst has been promoted to Managing Director of independent UK-based healthcare agency, Clark Health […]

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Digital health: designing-out inequalities for greater inclusion

From mobile apps and wearables to the use of digital biomarkers and web-based solutions, the Digital Health World Congress 2021 provided CHC with much food […]

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Digital Health: Onboard or lost at sea?

The explosion of digital health services as part of the national response to COVID-19 has been impressive, however greater access to digital health services doesn’t […]

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Health tech adoption: a buyer’s market

Views from a session at GIANT Health It’s always good to hear different perspectives and learn something new. It’s even better when you can apply […]

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Fear setting vs goal setting: A technique for making good business decisions

Halloween marks four months in my new role, so an apt moment to talk about fear, but don’t be spooked, read on… A few weeks […]

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CBD: Self-care, healthcare, why care?

Working in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals means we like to keep a close eye on trends driving both sectors. Use of cannabidiol (CBD) products for self-care […]

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What Clark Health Communications learnt from this year’s FemTech Forum

We had the opportunity to attend the FemTech Forum where the latest innovations and technologies being applied in women’s health were showcased. The forum was […]

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Clark Health Communication’s top three tips for re-engaging with healthcare professionals in a COVID-19 world

We have all found ourselves in unprecedented times over the past few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 and the societal changes this has […]

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Our “Introducing Series…”

On the sofa with our Founder and Managing Director, Jeremy Clark […]

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How has Movember stayed relevant to this day?

The fundraising juggernaut, Movember, was born in 2003 and against the odds, has managed to weather the storm of charity fatigue and the rise of […]

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