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How we’re building our Library of Change

Over the past couple of months we have been sharing some insights into our Delivering ChangeTM planning model. In the final blog of this series […]

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Let’s talk about it: a new perspective on first aid training

We work in the area of mental health for one of our clients, which means we can list off the names of prominent thinkers in […]

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What kind of change are WE talking about?

In this third blog in our series about Delivering Change we provide a brief overview of what CHC means when we talk about change.   ‘Change’ […]

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Got a gut feeling everything is a hallucination? You may not be wrong!

We’ve been talking a lot about Delivering ChangeTM as of late, and one of the key components of the Delivering ChangeTM process is to seek external sources […]

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Building on Theories of Change

  In our recent press release announcing the launch of our Delivering ChangeTM planning model, we mentioned how we were inspired by Theories of Change. […]

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What’s this Delivering Change model all about?

On 1st August we launched our new Delivering ChangeTM planning model and in this short blog we wanted to outline the two key reasons why. We’re […]

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