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What’s this Delivering Change model all about?

Clark Admin

August 15, 2018

On 1st August we launched our new Delivering ChangeTM planning model and in this short blog we wanted to outline the two key reasons why.

  1. We’re serious about focusing our work around real, measurable change for our clients and for healthcare professional and patients around the world.

We’ve talked about Delivering Change as part of the CHC brand for a couple of years now and even before that, it was a founding principle of the company.

Most healthcare brands must deliver some kind of change in order to fulfil their potential to help patients and HCPs, and to be commercially successful. We also believe that, in general, businesses are increasingly succeeding because they align with or mobilise a positive change in their market and/or wider society. At CHC, we are passionate about identifying and the delivering that change. This new model provides a framework for us to plan, deliver and measure this impact.

  1. The industry told us they needed a new model.

In a survey completed by over 80 people from marketing, medical, communications and procurement functions in pharma and healthcare 4 out of 5 respondents said they would welcome a new framework that:

  • helped to identify and prioritise the type of change to focus on
  • provided evidence into why a campaign approach or activity would deliver
  • embedded pragmatic approaches to evaluation.


The Delivering ChangeTM process addresses exactly these key points.

To discuss how the Delivering ChangeTM planning model could help you and your brand please contact us at hello@clarkhealthcomms.com or call 020 7492 1900.

CHC’s Delivering ChangeTM model provides a robust strategic framework, builds in sources of inspiration from a growing Library of Change to drive unexpected creative approaches and embeds pragmatic measurement and evaluation. The process facilitates discussion and prioritisation of the full range of communications approaches encompassing medical education, scientific and value communications, public relations and advocacy and provides a basis for CHC’s strategic, creative, implementation and measurement services.